Bring your brand to our community Partner with the world’s best obstacle course race and our highly-engaged, health-conscious, global community of 8-million strong.

With over 6 million race participants to date and an 8 million-member social community, teaming up with Spartan isn’t your average partnership. We seek to create fully-integrated partnership packages that expose your brand to our passionate community through unique and credible activations. Spartan offers a wide range of partnership opportunities across a variety of channels.

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In 2018, Spartan partnered with Craft to bring their gear to the next level. Craft is now the Official Apparel Partner of Spartan. Their comfortable fabrics and innovative designs are engineered for high performance, on and off the course.


An introduction to Jaguar Land Rover Japan Limited, one of our official sponsors.

Since 1948, Land Rover has been continuously manufacturing authentic 4x4s across its entire model range.

The evolution and innovation of Land Rover has been repeated for more than 70 years for its outstanding ability to drive over any terrain. The NEW DEFENDER is the starting point and the latest future of the company. It is a new symbol of the Land Rover brand, combining strength and intelligence.

State-of-the-art technology supports the vehicle's ability to navigate the roadless terrain. It is also equipped with [Pivi Pro], a next-generation infotainment system with smartphone-like operability and functionality.

Nature Made (Otsuka Pharmaceutical)

This is an introduction to Nature Made (Otsuka Pharmaceutical), one of our official sponsors.The name "Nature Made" expresses the desire to provide nutrition in a natural form as much as possible, and the company provides supplements that can be taken with no added flavors, colors, or preservatives. Otsuka Pharmaceutical, a total health care company that "considers people's health as a whole," has developed Nature Made's high-quality lineup in Japan in collaboration with Pharmavite Inc.For those of you who not only enjoy your daily meals, but also want to take care of your future health.Let's get your body ready for the race with Nature Made!


JLab is an active audio brand from California that focuses on "easy listening" and is one of the hottest audio brands in the U.S. In 2020, JLab won the No. 1 position in the Wireless earphone market. The company has become one of the top-selling earphone manufacturers in the U.S. It established its position in the U.S. by becoming Amazon's top-selling earphone brand in 2013, launching True Wireless earphones in 2017, and becoming the official audio partner for MLS. The company has gained immense popularity among young people and sportsmen in the United States.


The AIR-G series is a brand of cushions and bedding developed to reset the body fatigue.
Pillows that can be expected to have a stretching effect to the tired body and make it easier to breathe.
The mattress disperses the body pressure of the whole body and reduces the body fatigue, giving you an experience like "weightlessness".

We will reset the tired body and support you aiming for high performance.