The Spartan UItra World Championship returns in 2025, with a traditional 50K Ultra course nestled in the picturesque mountains of Morzine, France.

Compete at the Ultra World Championships in Morzine, France, where you’ll cross high-altitude lakes, climb dizzying inclines, swim through natural white water rivers and see how you stack up in the ultimate ultra-marathon OCR test. Information on how to qualify coming soon.

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What You’ll Earn

Coveted Ultra™ World Championship swag is earned by only the bravest souls, and only if you make it across the finish line at Morzine. Each Ultra World Championship is one of a kind. Do you have what it takes to earn the buckle?

Ultra World Championship Special Edition Finisher T-Shirt

2025 Ultra World Championship Finisher Belt Buckle

Cash prizes (Pro) and awards (Pro and Age Group)

Ultra Competitor Bib

Check the Ultra Championship Event Page for exact details of the event.
July 4th, 2025
Morzine, France

How to Get Here:
The nearest airport to Morzine is the Geneva Airport. This might seem strange because Morzine is in France and Geneva is in Switzerland, but this is because Morzine is located very close to the French-Swiss border. Geneva airport is 80km from Morzine which takes roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes by car or airport transfer.

Getting Around:
Morzine has a network of 10 free village shuttles that connect the different areas in town and make getting around quite easy. Otherwise we recommend renting a car to get to and from the race venue.

Weekend Schedule

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2025 Ultra World Championship schedule.

Event Details
How To Qualify

Qualification details COMING SOON.

Event Details


Do I have to be a pro or qualify to race the Ultra World Championship?
I’m a purist ultrarunner or trail runner. Is this for me?
What are some of the harder things about the Spartan Ultra?
Can I race with friends?
I’m a runner / I’m not good at upper-body strength / insert excuse here.
What if I’m not fit enough? This is a championship right?
Does this count toward the Trifecta?
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